• Sour Service Products

    Today’s complex drilling techniques are used to develop extended reach and deep wells in sour environments. As a result, drill string components are exposed to increased levels of stress.

    Drillers need drill stem products with maximum mechanical performance and enhanced sour service resistance to deliver today’s complex sour wells. This requires using materials with properties from two opposite sides of the spectrum – high strength to improve mechanical properties, and low hardness to resist sulfide stress cracking (SSC).

    To help you drill safely and efficiently in harsh, sour conditions, we have developed enhanced materials that deliver outstanding performance while resisting sulfide stress cracking.

    New Materials, New Solutions

    Due to limited sour service specifications, the industry has established mechanical and chemistry recommendations through organizational bodies like the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and Canada’s Industry Recommended Practices (IRP). Grant Prideco™ has extensive experience in manufacturing drill pipe and accessories for sour service applications, and we were the first manufacturer to meet stringent IRP requirements.

    Material Enhancements

    • Proprietary grades for H2S environments with reduced carbon content
    • Proprietary chemical composition
    • Advanced heat treatment processes
    • Optimum fracture toughness
    • Controlled yield strength and restricted hardness
    • Tuff-Weld™ heat treatment process for improved weld strength

    Featured Products

    Advanced Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe



    Grade nameTube SMYS (ksi)Tube NACE TM0177Tool Joint SMYS (ksi)Tool Joint NACE TM0177
    HS3™ 125125Method A, Solution D, 80% SMYS120Not applicable, controlled yield
    XS2™ 9595Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS110Method A, Solution A, 65% SMYS
    XD™ 9595Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS105Not applicable, controlled yield
    XD™ 105105Method A, Solution A, 70% SMYS105Not applicable, controlled yield
    TSS™ 9595Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS120Not applicable
    TSS™ 105105Method A, Solution A, 70% SMYS120Not applicable
    XD™ 9090Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS100Not applicable, controlled yield
    The above table represents NACE specifications for Grant Prideco sour service grades.
    Conventional API high strength grades consistently fail NACE testing


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